Wisconsin dentist guilty of damaging teeth in insurance fraud scheme

Scott Charmoli, 60, faces up to 20 years in prison in the health care fraud case for intentionally damaging his patients' teeth.  His sentencing is scheduled for June 17.

A former Jackson dentist has been convicted of health care fraud related to his high rate of crowning patients’ teeth, many of them unnecessarily.

Prosecutors said Scott Charmoli, 61, of Grafton intentionally damaged the teeth before doing the work, so the resulting crown would be covered by insurance.

Charmoli attached more than 1600 crowns over a period of 20 months. An insurance company executive testified that, on average, Wisconsin dentists placed fewer than six crowns per 100 patients, but that in 2019, Charmoli’s rate exceeded 32 per 100 patients.

The scheme was revealed after he sold the practice in 2019, with the new owners realizing after reviewing files that the crown numbers were out of the ordinary.

Charmoli was indicted in late 2020 on eight counts. After a four-day trial in federal court in Milwaukee, a jury found him guilty on seven counts: five counts of fraud related to four patients and two counts of making false statements related to two of the same patients.

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