Where there is a will… your pet must be in it

Where there is a will… your pet must be in it 81 logo
The best gift you can give your pet is a happy life after you are gone.  Planning today will help your pets find a new home when you are gone.

You are a responsible pet person. Your animals are spayed or you have taken other effective measures to prevent unwanted litters. Their animals are microchipped and their contact information is up to date. Shots and checkups? You can bet, everything updated.

Yet often forgotten (or perhaps avoided) even by responsible pet people, it is the most important gift you can give your animals: making sure they are cared for after their death or disability. Death and incapacitation are not fun topics, but unless we have plans in place, our pets will be at the mercy of others when we are gone.

Las Cruces City Councilwoman and ASCMV Board President Becky Corran recently arranged for a local animal welfare nonprofit to care for and find homes for her animals in the event of their death. She made a smaller financial donation now and will make a larger donation when she dies. Corran prepared her will without an attorney, but she carefully researched the legal language required in New Mexico and used the paperwork and language provided by the animal welfare nonprofit of her choice.

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