When our pets die, why do we are saying they “cross the rainbow bridge”?

When our pets die, why do we are saying they "cross the rainbow bridge"? 81 logo

It is pure to need to submit concerning the passing of your candy pet to your loved ones and associates on Fb or Instagram, however have you ever ever observed that currently, all of us say some type of “have you ever crossed (or handed) the rainbow bridge?”

It is fairly protected to say that the “rainbow bridge” results in a sort of cat and canine paradise, the place canine can roam free to chase squirrels and pee and poop on no matter they need, and cats can lounge all day underneath daylight, however it actually made us marvel the place this phrase originated from.

It is humorous to suppose that all of us submit about our beloved animals “crossing the rainbow bridge” once we don’t know the place or what the “rainbow bridge” is.

I’m additionally liable to this.

When my household canine ​​died about 5 years in the past, everybody in my household posted that our candy Maggie “crossed the rainbow bridge,” despite the fact that I legitimately had no concept the place that saying got here from.


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