What the Florida education bill dubbed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ by critics really says

Analysis by Zachary B. Wolf | CNN

(CNN) – While there is no equivalence between the laws passed in Russia that criminalize calling Russia’s war just that, a war, and what is happening in Florida as the government seeks to restrict speech, it is surprising to see that freedom expression is under attack in the United States. the United States.

We’ve spent most of the last two weeks focused on Russia, but the controversy in Florida is worth considering.

What’s going on in Florida

In their quest to become the “parents’ rights” party, Republicans in Florida and other states are trying to silence discussion of gay and civil rights in schools.

A bill awaiting the signature of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, titled “Parental Rights in Education,” has been dubbed by critics the “Don’t Say Gay” bill because it seeks prohibit discussion of gender and sexuality issues with younger students.

Another bill that passed the Florida Senate on Thursday would be ban instruction which says that certain races or sexes are privileged or oppressed. While the legislation does not specifically mention critical race theory, an academic theory already banned in Florida that is taught primarily in colleges and graduate programs and that recognizes that racism is systemic and institutional in American society, an analysis of the A bill by state Senate staff highlights the teaching of critical race theory as something that would be prohibited, according to CNN’s Steve Contorno.

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