What is the best DNA test for health and fitness?

DNA molecules

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There are a variety of health and fitness DNA tests available, each of these tests can provide valuable information. Depending on your concerns, you may be able to determine the best health DNA test for your particular needs.

  • dietpower
  • fitPower
  • HealthPower
  • intellectual capacity
  • immune power
  • skin DNA
  • VitaminLab

Deciding on the best health and fitness DNA test kit can depend on your specific health concerns, or you can opt for the ‘totalPower’ test, which provides dietPower, fitPower, healthPower and brainPower all in one test simple. If you are looking for a complete consultation, Click here for more information.

1. Diet Power

dietPower is dnaPower’s DNA test for diet and nutrition that analyzes over 100 genetic variations. This test can help you learn more about how your genetic makeup can affect how your body processes the types of food you eat. The test will provide you with specific information about what foods you should and should not eat based on your personal genetic makeup. This personalized information will help you learn more about food intolerances or sensitivities, allowing you to make the best food choices for you.

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