What does home insurance cover?

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Homeowners insurance protects your home and belongings, but depending on your policy, it may not cover everything in your home. (Shutterstock)

Homeowners insurance is essential financial protection for anyone who owns a home. This policy will cover your losses and help repair your home if it is damaged due to disasters, storms, fire, accidents or theft. Most basic homeowners insurance policies have six coverage areas that kick in in different situations.

This article takes a deeper look at what homeowners insurance covers, what isn’t typically covered, and some additional coverage options to consider.

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What does home insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance is known as a “multi-peril” policy, which means that it contains a variety of coverages in one package. A hazard, in the insurance industry, is something that causes damage to a home or property. Your homeowners insurance policy it may specifically list the hazards you are protected against or cover you against all hazards except those specifically excluded.

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