Wartime Effort: A Cobbler, Pizzeria And Bakery In kyiv Pivot To Serve Their Country

There is a war raging around them and they are reminded how close the danger is every time the warning sirens sound in the Ukrainian capital.

They describe it as a jarring sound, but they overcome fear because they say the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began almost 50 days ago on February 24 has given them a new purpose: to serve their community and country in a different way.

Before the invasion, these entrepreneurs ran growing start-ups or family businesses that were passed down from generation to generation. His companies sold products such as personalized shoes, baked goods and pizza in the historic district of kyiv and e-learning tools for students, teachers and professionals.

In the midst of the war, they changed their missions and now use their resources to meet the most urgent needs, such as food, first aid and even combat boots for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Pizza restaurant making boxed meals in basement kitchen

Located in the center of kyiv, it took just four days for TC Pizza to transform itself from a local pizzeria into a prep center for a rotating group of volunteers who prepare hundreds of boxed meals.

Anton Fursa, a Ukrainian cinematographer who co-owns the business, said he closed the pizzeria on February 24 as Russia began its assault on Ukraine.

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