Vietnamese TikToker Says She Was ‘Disowned’ For Refusing To Fund Her Sister’s ‘Lavish’ College Lifestyle

A Vietnamese TikTok user has gone viral talking about how her parents called her “stingy” and “ungrateful” for refusing to pay for her sister’s “lavish lifestyle” as an international student in the US.

The tik tok userwho did not reveal his real name, reveals in a video she posted on March 26 that her Vietnamese parents “disinherited” her after she stopped paying her sister’s expenses.

My parents disowned me a moment ago because I refused to finance my sister’s lavish lifestyle when she is here in the US as an international student,” the woman, who is the eldest daughter in her family, says in the video. “They sent her here three years ago knowing they don’t have the means to pay for it themselves.”

The TikTok user tearfully explains that her parents forced her to take on all of her sister’s financial responsibilities, including paying for her room and board, tuition, and living expenses. She also had to pay her sister’s friends because her sister owed them money for groceries, Uber Eats, clubs and bars.

I’m so sick of it,” the woman declares. “I put my foot down today because she uses my card to spend $500 on some shopping expenses.”

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