Top Women Finance Influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

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  • Finance-focused creators are booming on social media and making big bucks.
  • Insider spotlights personal finance creators refocusing the narrative on women in the space.
  • The list of 13 women provides tips on budgeting, investing, and paying off debt.

The personal finance category is booming on social media.

According to a recent survey of 1,400 investors ages 18-40 by The Motley Fool, a whopping 91% of Gen Zers and 75% of millennials turn to social media for investment information.

There are hundreds of creators on all the major platforms sharing their tips on saving money and investing, and discussing topics like the stock market and monthly budgets. Some have garnered a massive following online, with millions of fans and video views.

Many of these creators do not claim to be financial experts and are not financial advisors. Instead, their guidance comes from personal experiences, like paying down debt or reaching a savings goal.

“I remember wanting to find a personal finance book for women, I went to the bookstore and there was a book for women written by a white man,” Bola Sokunbi, who founded Clever Girl Finance, told Insider. “I bought the book anyway. Talking to other women, I realized there was a gap.”

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