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With the market recognizing and reacting to the risks of inflation and the Fed’s response to it, it is clear that a difficult journey awaits us. Despite those very real risks, it’s hard to justify getting money out of stocks. After all, there are very few investments that currently offer strong risk-adjusted returns after accounting for inflation and taxes. That leaves stocks as the least ugly alternative for long-term money, even in the current environment.

Still, not all stocks are created equal. In such a tough market, it makes sense to look for strong companies trading at reasonable valuations that pay their owners well for the risks investors take by owning those stocks. Companies like that are few and far between, but there is at least one business that meets those criteria, and that investment is in my portfolio for what I hope is long term. That company is giant insurance and financial services. prudential financial (NYSE: PRU).

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Does it get more rock solid than this?

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