The end of the lifestyle contest “Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution”, the first of its kind, was spectacular

The end of the lifestyle contest "Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution", the first of its kind, was spectacular 81 FACE of META 2022 1

The Unique & First of its Kind ‘Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution’ Lifestyle Pageant finale was spectacular, full of glamour, glitz and extravagance, held at Hotel Avatar, Attavar in the city

Mangaluru: Gorgeous, handsome, extremely talented, multi-faceted are the few words that could describe the 20 male and female finalists selected from over 50 entrants who accepted the challenge to enter Mangaluru’s FIRST of its Kind lifestyle contest, called “META-2022”. -The Ultimate Evolution” organized by The Craeon Collective (TCC) at Hotel Avatar, Attavar, Mangaluru. This event was not really a Beauty Pageant, but rather a LIFESTYLE CONTEST that focused primarily on the physique of its contestants, along with personality, intelligence, talent, and answers to the judges’ questions as criteria for selection. evaluation.

The end of the lifestyle contest "Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution", the first of its kind, was spectacular 82 FACE of META 2022 1

FACE of the Winners of “META -2022”- SKANDHA M and Miss PEARL D’SOUZA

And the four judges who had a hard time judging the best were: transmodel Ms. Nayantara, whose rise to the Indian fashion scene was swift, as she became the face of a Viacom ad campaign that aired on MTV, etc., and over the years has endorsed popular brands, appearing on the jury of various fashion shows and panels across the country. Another judge, Ms. Sushma Raj, is a world fitness federation certified judge and has been a finalist on the Indian reality show ETV Kannada. The third judge, Ms. Satshya Tharien, is an edutainment content creator and award-winning journalist based in Mangaluru, who won the ‘WAN INFRA’ South Asia Digital Media Award for Best News Literacy Project. The fourth judge, Dr. Nithin (MBBS & MD) is a personality development coach, he has trained over 1000 students and has also worked in the Kannada film industry.

The twenty finalists were: Shravan Acharya, Srijith, Deekshith, Nishchit, Skandha, Hima Shetty, Mansi Pinto, Privy D’Souza, Wilson D’Souza, Sagar G, Preeti Tiwari, Dayashree, Vaishnavi Shetty, Vallabh Bhandary, Meha Shetty, Indushree , Lisha Vas, Pearl, Namratha and Spoorthi, and the two winners in the male and female categories “FACE of META -2022” were Mr. Skandha N, a 22-year-old who is in his final year of BBA at SDM university of Mangaluru. Securing second place in the ‘Mr Tulunadu 2020’ contest and winner of ‘Karnataka Style Icon 2021’, he is a young man with many achievements to his name; and Miss Pearl D’Souza, who works as an analyst at a multinational in Bangalore. Hailing from Shirva, she is the daughter of Irene, a homemaker, and Lawrence D’Souza, a retired factory worker. She has an older sister, who is an analyst at Northern Trust in Bangalore.

The end of the lifestyle contest "Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution", the first of its kind, was spectacular 86 FACE of META 2022 2

Carol Pinto, Founder and CEO of TCC, with Prashanth Rao Aroor, CEO of Hotel Avatar

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Pearl said, “Modeling and acting has always been my dream. But coming from a small town called Shirva, it was really difficult for my parents to understand or think of it as a profession. I knew that Art comes with no steady income, so I couldn’t risk my life and my family’s life just by chasing my dreams. So shortly after graduating from Dr NSAM First Grade College Nitte, I got a position and started working as an analyst in a multinational company. I was happy, but I always felt that something was missing. Then, one fine day, my friend sent me details related to a beauty pageant, it said “Metal Face 2022”.

“I was interested but had doubts. But even though I signed up. It was more like Jo hoga dekha jayega. So I signed up and the rest is history. In that ending of META-2022 when I saw myself in that beautiful outfit with that crown on stage, I can proudly say to all the other girls to never stop dreaming, take a little risk, the sleepless nights, all the doubtful questions, etc., it will all be worth it. that. This is my story. A small town girl who dreamed and finally got what she wanted. Now there is no stopping”, added Perla.

The end of the lifestyle contest "Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution", the first of its kind, was spectacular 90 FACE of META 2022 9

The META TEAM that put on this hit extravaganza show is Meta Team Carol Pinto (Founder & CEO), Almirah Sherina, Shravya Neha, Aaron Patrao, Roshni, Rohit Shetty, Pavan, Aldin D’Souza, Christina Rosalin George, Clive Marsh D ‘Souza, Joshua Bangera, Sanjay, Kamini and Bhaumik

The contest provided a fascinating insight into how Indian standards of femininity and masculinity have been defined, projected, maintained and challenged. The show gave them the opportunity to unleash their talents and expose their nature. But what one noticed further was his warm and direct attitude towards life, inspiring and contagious. For a week, the participants were prepared physically, mentally and emotionally, and their innate abilities were honed and made them walk in style. This unique contest was a talent or personality contest where beauty/personality was just one of several criteria: she had a combination of communication skills, stage presence, and personality.

This is like other contests, which have their relevant criteria: an Olympian must be a fast runner; in a weightlifting competition you need a fit body with incredible muscles, and in a dance competition you need coordination and amazing dance moves. The twenty finalists after thorough training were all full of enthusiasm, charisma, and determination, and were ready to unleash their hidden talents on the ramp. They had to face off against all three judges, and their talents were judged based on how they walked the ramp, how they presented themselves, and how they did in the question and answer round. Global beauty/personality standards have undergone a sea change over the years, and pageants are no exception. The criteria for winning are not just looks, but a fit body, a well-rounded personality, verbal skills, and inner depth.

The end of the lifestyle contest "Meta 2022- The Ultimate Evolution", the first of its kind, was spectacular 94 FACE of META 2022 8

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