The Case for a Sound Basic Education’ Debuts Wednesday ::

— Leandro’s case has circulated in North Carolina courts for nearly 30 years, but many parents of school-age children are hearing the name for the first time. WRAL investigative documentary reporter Cristin Severance and photojournalist Jay Jennings traveled across the state to discover what’s really at stake when it comes to your child’s education. “Leandro: The Case for a Sound Basic Education” is presented by Severance and premieres on WRAL-TV and WILM-TV on Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m.

The landmark educational case was brought in 1994 by five poor counties that said they could not afford to provide their students with an adequate education. After nearly 30 years, the lawsuit continues and affects funding for all North Carolina school systems. Parents say problems in school districts across the state have gotten worse and many blame politics for the lack of progress.

“When I heard about the Leandro case, started researching it and realized its impact, I knew this had to be my first documentary on WRAL,” said Severance. “We traveled throughout the state, interviewing superintendents, teachers, students, advocates, former judges, and legislators about Leandro’s case. I hope that after watching it, viewers will gain a general understanding of this important case and why it should matter to anyone living in North Carolina.”

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