The biggest prize in education is now even bigger

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How the STOP 4 Education Foundation wants to make innovation the norm in all schools.

In less than a week, the STOP Awards 2022 will officially open for business. The brainchild of education advocate and philanthropist Janine Yass, along with her husband Jeff, the awards were created to honor the work of education providers who continued to perform for underserved families during the Covid-19 pandemic. In just a few months, the competition discovered hundreds of innovative education providers that few knew about.

However, as valuable as the financial prizes were, the prize offered these heroes something equally, if not more, rewarding: the 20 semifinalists they participated in a four-week business accelerator, where they learned from and made connections with business leaders, education entrepreneurs, and most importantly, each other. The invaluable ties that were formed as a result, with CEOs (such as Michael Moe of Global Silicon Valley and Mike Hoque of Hoque Global) and reporters (such as Randall Lane, the editor of Forbesand Moira Forbes, the editor of ForbesWoman), have already spawned several partnerships, each of which will create new opportunities for students.

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