Texas Congressman Introduces Bill to Improve Hispanic Educational Resources

HARLINGEN, Texas (CentralValley) — To address the educational challenges faced by Hispanics, a bill has been introduced in Congress to provide more resources to educational institutions in those areas.

HR 7454, also known as the “Hispanic Educational Resources and Empowerment Act of 2022,” was introduced to Congress on April 7 by Representative Joaquín Castro (TX-20). There are 19 Democratic co-sponsors of the bill, including Rep. Vicente González (TX-15).

The text of the bill states that Hispanics face disparities compared to other groups of people when it comes to educational attainment based on “lower grades, lower standardized test scores, and higher dropout rates.” ”.

These issues are intensifying and will continue to grow as Hispanics represent the “largest, youngest, and second-fastest growing minority population in the United States” and make up 26 percent of the nation’s pre-K through 8th grade school population. grade 12, according to the text of the bill. .

Despite being the nation’s largest minority group, the text states that Hispanics “fall behind non-Hispanic whites, blacks, and Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Native Americans in educational attainment of high school degrees.” high school, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.”

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