Tanzania: Public urged to review lifestyle to avoid NCDs

The Islands Deputy Minister of Health, Hassan Khamis Hafidh, has asked members of the public to review their lifestyle and observe all health precautions to avoid contracting non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

He made the call yesterday on the occasion to officiate the opening of the three-day training for diabetes healthcare providers in Tanzania, including surgeons, orthopaedists, nurses and doctors.

He told health professionals who gathered in Zanzibar to help raise public awareness to tackle the growing number of diabetes cases in the country, which is costing many men their lives and leaving others with physical disabilities.

“Let’s raise public awareness to minimize or stop diabetes … let’s end limb and foot amputations in a situation that could otherwise be prevented,” he said, greeting health workers caring for patients suffering from diabetes. diabetes.

Mr. Hafidh said that according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), around 537 million people worldwide are diabetic and that in at least 30 seconds a person is amputated due to diabetic foot ulcers.

“According to the ‘Steps-2012 Survey’, the prevalence of diabetes in Tanzania is 9.1 percent, while similar surveys in Zanzibar conducted in 2011 and 2020 showed that the prevalence in Zanzibar is four percent,” said the vice Minister.

He said that diabetes is related to genetics, bodily inactivity (obesity and lack of regular physical exercise), smoking, lack of a balanced diet and excessive alcohol consumption. He urged members of the public to change their behavior.