Summer time makes pets go crazy. this is why

Summer time makes pets go crazy. this is why 81 logo
Spring forward, that nocturnal wonder where clocks magically change and evening light lingers longer, is a sign that spring is here and summer is on its way.

And while it’s generally welcome, it can throw us off.

That lost hour of sleep when we jump forward? For some, it hits hard.

And you know who else can be undone by jumping forward? Our four-legged friends.

“For animals that really have their habits, that can be really difficult,” said Dr. Liz Stelow, service chief of the Clinical Behavior Service at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

While not as psychologically (and physically?) difficult as the time change in the fall when we gain an hour, the advancement of spring can still be disorienting.

And the bad mood we feel when our schedules, our sleep and our sunlight are altered? Our pets not only feel their own discomfort, they also take on our discomfort.

“You’re going to be more grumpy and your pets are going to feel that,” Stelow said.

And this time it may be more than a case of moodiness from lack of sleep.

This spring comes as many people and their pets are still getting used to changing home and work routines brought on by the pandemic.

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