Slushii Opens Up About New Album And Lifestyle Changes


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Slushii stopped by to chat with us about his new album on Monstercat, ELE (Extinction Level Event)and his growth as an artist.

slushii It is a gift that must be protected at all costs. She came onto the scene with a fresh perspective and a sound that piqued the interest of many, and his following grew a lot, pretty quickly. People got hooked, and that happens when something new comes up. Since she burst onto the scene, Slushii’s library has grown with impressive tunes like “candy flip,” “see me back,” and “all i ever wanted.” And he has collaborated with some of the biggest names, including Steve Aoki, Dion Timmerand marshmallow – and he’s only 24 years old.

Growing up, Slushii was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and harnessed his explosive creativity as a means of expressing himself. Because of this, he is becoming an expert in integrating all of his favorite things, such as games, anime, fashion, and music. This kind of ingenuity is rare these days, and Slushii has it, making it so much more than a gift.

Currently, Slushii continues to blaze his way with the release of his latest project, ELE (Extinction Level Event)via monster cat. This 14-track album offers a lot and is his best work to date. The collaborations are divine, and the range is simply beautiful. In addition to the album, Slushii will hit the road this spring for her ERU tour with additional stops at super music festival later this month in Miami and The world of tomorrow in Belgium this summer. you can buy tickets via BandsInTown.

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