SHARP Malaysia redefines the lifestyle of the new standard through an ecosystem of comprehensive solutions

With Malaysia now transitioning to the endemic phase, it is expected that the lifestyle and habits of Malaysians will gradually change to adapt to the new normal, which for some may not be ‘new’ anymore. Recognizing the constant changes to new lifestyles, Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SHARP) remains true as the leading player in the consumer electronics and home appliance market to present its latest New standard living solutions line encompassing kitchen storage solutions, home entertainment audio-visual systems, air purification and clothing sterilization appliances.

Following the launch of New Norm Living Solutions in November 2021, SHARP re-introduces its latest products under this umbrella to help Malaysians adjust to a post-pandemic lifestyle smoothly. These products are now available at all SHARP official authorized retail stores in Malaysia, where they are easily identifiable through their ‘New Norm’ logo stickers.

Sir. Ting Yang Chung, General Manager of SHARP Malaysia He mentioned that for years, SHARP has been widely known for its unique and innovative technology that contributes to the culture, benefits and well-being of people around the world. They listen and understand what consumers really need, especially in this new normal, extensively researching and innovating comprehensive housing solutions for Malaysians that are user-friendly, affordable yet sustainable for years to come.

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