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Although you may still receive printed coupons in the mail or in your regular newspaper, digital apps have made it much easier to get great deals on your purchases. Shopping apps not only make it possible to find the best deals without leaving home, but many stores have their own apps that can alert you to great deals on items you already buy.

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Here are several different types of shopping apps to help you save in the store in the best possible way.

grocery applications

First things first, check out the store you already shop at to see if they have their own app or loyalty program that offers their members special deals or discounts, especially on things you buy regularly. Big box retailers like Walmart and Kroger offer grocery apps you can take advantage of, according to Ready Set Eat, and drugstore chains like CVS do the same.

Cash Back Apps

With some apps, you not only get access to deals and discounts, but you can also get cash back when you buy groceries. Apps that do this include Ibotta and Checkout 51, according to Ready Set Eat. They point out that the average cost of groceries for a family of four is $5,000 per year (and much more depending on where you live and shop). Cash reimbursement can certainly make a dent in the recovery of part of that expense.

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