Rebus Signet rings and pendants commemorate beloved pets

Rebus Signet rings and pendants commemorate beloved pets 81 LR Instagram 8421500x1500

Rebus oval signet ring with engraved dog.
Image courtesy of Rebus

Engraved pendant of a horse, by Rebus.
Image courtesy of Rebus

The unconditional love of a pet is an incomparable experience. The pure joy and companionship between humans and animals offers an emotional connection, from the thrill of being in each other’s presence to comfort in difficult times. Whether near or far, artists have sought to commemorate patrons and their animals through their works: in paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and more. However, few mediums are as personal as jewelry, where a piece is worn on the body, can be passed down as a modern heirloom, or act as memorial jewelry. Rebus, a company rich in tradition, keeps the craft of hand engraving alive. Award-winning goldsmiths and hand engravers meticulously create one-of-a-kind images, sculpting gold set in classic styles. A Rebus pendant or signet ring is the perfect gift for those who want to take their pets with them wherever they go.

“For thousands of years, pets and people have formed strong bonds, and these relationships have represented many valuable qualities, such as loyalty, companionship and unconditional love. This has been celebrated in art and culture,” says Emmet Smith, founder of Rebus. “An item of jewelry is a highly personal and valuable possession, which lends itself perfectly to creating something meaningful to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of connection.”

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