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After skipping breakfast as usual, he walks into Sharpe’s dining room for lunch, stands in line with a heavy backpack (because there are inevitably no seats), is ignored by a few passing acquaintances he tried to make eye contact with, walks out to freshen up your Instagram homepage, and finally get yourself one of those warm, sturdy china plates just to stand in front of some bland “comfort foods” that seem anything but. Sound like I put a camera on you? Well, here are eight unusual yet accessible combinations of Ratty foods that just might calm his hungry stomach on one of those unsatisfying but all too frequent Ratty days.

1. Animal Style Fries

A time-saving guilty pleasure straight from the burger station. Just slice up some sausage and sprinkle it over the fries, then garnish with grated cheese. For an optimal gourmet experience, place them in the microwave until the cheese begins to melt. Doorbell! Oozing animal style fries are served in less than five minutes!

2. Peanut Butter (and Occasionally Pineapple) Bacon Burger

Try it before you consider it an unpleasant combination! The creaminess and nuttiness of the peanut butter, the tartness of the pineapple and the crisp texture of the bacon culminate in the finest balance and take your taste buds to a different level of taste pleasure. Although pineapple is a rare sight at the Rat Factory, a peanut butter burger with whatever protein is available will still be a combination that simply cannot be missed.

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