Powerhouse Studioz: Explore the Power of Dance

Diipti Nikhhiil (DN): The idea behind Powerhouse Studioz emerged in 2018, during the start of Octus Mindzz Training (the parent company of Powerhouse, see sidebar). The idea was to face a unique proposal, an amalgamation of language, academic knowledge and the arts as an offer to students regardless of age. We approached this initiative to conceptualize and create Powerhouse as we believe that no training institute provides all of these elements as a package under one roof. We wanted Octus Mindzz Training to be the first in the GCC to top this with this value proposition. Collaboration with the outstanding and passionate Indian choreographer Suuraj Meena helped us on the journey to turn this vision idea into reality.

Surah Mena (SM): Powerhouse is a dream project, it reflects my passion, dedication and love for dance. And this collaboration with Diipti and the Octus Mindzz Training team was bound to happen as we both share this vision for Powerhouse Studioz to become a novel platform for people to express themselves and realize their full potential through dance.


Suuraj Meena, seen at the Powerhouse dance studio in Dubai. Powerhouse is considered the most Instagrammable studio in Dubai
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The natural form of expressions are movement and mobility that reflect our thoughts and emotions better than words. Powerhouse offers this tremendous sense of freedom with a better way to connect with others.

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