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Daisy’s Valentine Miracle. We wanted a Christmas miracle for Daisy, but sometimes miracles can’t be rushed, especially when it comes to matching pets perfectly, or nearly perfectly, with adoptive parents. And sometimes miracles form at Christmas but manifest a little later.

Long story short, shortly before Christmas, Daisy, a ten-year-old Great Shepherd mix, was discovered locked in her Levittown home with her deceased owner. Daisy could have been confined in this way for up to two weeks. The neighbor who lived right behind this house came to Last Hope to ask us to help Daisy.

The dog’s late owner was a middle-aged woman, so her death was unexpected. Daisy’s owner was a private and reserved person. She had no immediate relatives, so there was no family member to adopt Daisy.

Daisy was taken to the Hempstead City Shelter. Last Hope went to find her there and was allowed to take her days later. Right away, she showed us how brave and smart a ten year old dog could be. Daisy was ensconced in a large glass Meet n’ Greet room. The first night she ate her comfortable bed. It’s not something you’d expect an older dog to do, but we attributed her unusual behavior to the stress she had just endured.

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