Pets are part of a heritage.

Pets are part of a heritage. 81 logo
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Last month’s article about my friend’s herculean efforts to care for her brother and his estate brought back memories and provoked stories of planning failures by ordinary people, people like you and me.

The stories about older women disinheriting their children and leaving their worldly possessions to younger men who have somehow appeared in their lives are apparently more than just urban legends. Stories abound about people who didn’t plan at all and left their adult children tangled up and arguing.

Then there are stories of the rich and famous who didn’t get it right even with the help of lawyers. The Wrigley family had to sell the Chicago Cubs franchise to pay taxes because gum magnet William Wrigley did not receive proper estate planning advice.

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Audrey Hepburn’s two sons, half-siblings, fought for years over the inheritance of personal memorabilia from their mother’s film career. Leaving the memories in equal parts to her children, the famous actress did not specify who received what. For more than 20 years, the brothers could not agree on an equitable distribution of her inheritance and finally resorted to mediation. According to some legal notes, their mother could have helped her children avoid the entire acrimonious process by requesting mediation immediately if they couldn’t agree, or she could have demanded that the memorabilia be sold and the proceeds distributed equitably if they couldn’t. they could agree.

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