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Edited press release

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital is pleased to announce the installation of an equine positron emission tomography (PET) scanner at the hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. This modality is used for diagnostic imaging in select cases of lameness and can be used on sedated, standing horses. It does not require general anesthesia. The scans result in quantitative, three-dimensional, and cross-sectional images that can help pinpoint the location and severity of a problem. Any area of ​​the extremity can be imaged, from the foot to the carpus (knee) and tarsus (hock). Two different types of scans can be performed. One examines areas of increased bone metabolism and is useful in identifying subchondral bone disease, signs of impending fracture, suspensory ligament attachment disorders, and osteoarthritis. The other looks at general tissue metabolism and is useful in cases of soft tissue injury or laminitis. Rood & Riddle is the fourth location of this standing PET scanner for horses globally and is the site of the first installation in a private practice.

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