Pastor from Youngstown, Ohio on the healing power of pets

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Sir Winston Bartholomew, Duke of Macklin Manor

Sir Winston Bartholomew, Duke of Macklin Manor

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I am Sir Winston Bartholomew, the Duke of Macklin Manor, and I am covering for Reverend Lewis Macklin as he accompanies fellows from Youngstown Rayen Early College in New York City. He shared that they are going to see a Broadway show and assured me that it was hamilton and not that program cats!

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been a resident at Macklin Manor for an entire year, after showing up at their house in the middle of the pandemic! One would consider me a rescue dog, however, in truth, I believe I rescued them. I bring energy and character to the home.

I once heard the Reverend say, “Don’t apologize for ‘being extra’ because maybe you were called to set the standard!” I could have been talking to others, but this found a great place in my belly. I consider being eccentric a badge of honor, so from time to time I find myself reminding him of his words!

To be honest, I’m not even sure how they did it without me. For example, my frequent walks require me to take a daily census of every tree and lamppost within my kingdom. My royal duties have increased the Reverend’s physical activity. His doctor is pleased with his overall health and I take all the credit for it. His increased energy and his decreased weight are due to me! I require you to accompany me during my census count.

Once I even took the Reverend on an unexpected long-distance run while chasing a cat that was invading my area. As the cat ran close to us, I chased after it. I had to listen to the reverend’s sarcastic comments for days after that loud episode! Hey, he should have just let go of the leash.

Sir Winston’s chronicles have been shared on the Reverend’s Facebook page. The adjustment has not been without a few bumps in the road, but the family has discovered me.

Some incidents were simply not my fault. There was that time I spent the night in the county jail! In fact, I was in my own garden when I was taken to the kennel.

There was also a moment when jealousy almost overcame me with the arrival of the Reverend’s grandson. Life is a matter of adjustments. Five months later, I can honestly say that little human is my best friend!

Now, there was that time when I was the victim of a hoax. I love car rides and the Reverend said we were going to see the “vets”. He assumed it was a social visit to the VA clinic to say hi and show some love, like a support dog. She should have known something was wrong when he kept driving past the facility. Next thing I knew, we were at the VET for a “procedure” to remove my beloved precious crown jewels! Oh deception! Let’s be clear: I did not consider this deal royal at all and this would alter the way I would see life in the future!

Despite the few incidents noted, it is true that I have enjoyed a great connection. I appreciate the frequent spa days, a full wardrobe including snow boots, and they even accommodate my preference for chicken over steak.

However, there is a controversial sticking point! The Reverend doesn’t seem to understand that the generously sized chair in his man cave is actually mine! I don’t mind her sitting on it from time to time, but she seems to think it belongs to her. The coveted throne actually reflects my nobility, so I don’t really see the problem. After all, you can choose to recline on the sofa.

It has been said that dogs have an uncanny way of finding people who need them and filling a void they didn’t even know they were experiencing. Since the pandemic, many families have added canines to their homes and discovered the benefits of having us around. We are loyal family members, bed warmers or chair keepers, great listeners, home security systems, alarm clocks, sources of happiness, and of course, unconditional love.

How to walk a human: a guide for dogs

“K9 Trainer” Scott Beckman seems to have a great understanding of how to walk your human. You see, humans need exercise. If they don’t get enough, they become lazy, chubby, and out of shape. It’s up to us canines to save them from this tragedy. So here are the CliffsNotes to help you accomplish this task successfully.

Allow your human to leash you. Your human won’t know what to do without this leash and will walk away or run into traffic. This is for your protection and safety!

Your human will need a break to sniff in the shade from time to time. It really helps if there are trees. Don’t forget and just “go” for the walk. Give your human a break.

You need to bark uncontrollably at others from time to time too. This keeps your human focused on the walk. It is a well-known fact that humans have little attention – SQUIRREL!

When you need to go to the bathroom, just go. Then walk away. Chances are, if you train correctly, your human will come and pick you up right away. They especially seem to enjoy this aerobic exercise.

When your human isn’t paying attention, start forcefully backing away from him. This is a great power and balance training exercise for your human.

When you first start the hike, be sure to stop to sniff a tree, preferably every 3 feet. This will let your human know that you are in charge of the wa – SQUIRREL!

Once you see that you are almost home, slow down, walk nice and easy with your human. Make it a great experience when you return home. Humans have short memories. They will only remember the last two minutes of the walk and will soon take it out again due to positive reinforcement.

Be sure to act excited when the leash is removed. This is an additional training marker. Your human will respond to you very well and most likely he will run to get you a treat while he speaks in that high-pitched irritating tone that he is prone to use afterwards. Just follow them and savor the deliciousness.

It has been said, “All dogs go to heaven,” and perhaps that is true. I certainly hope so! However, I plan to spend more time at Macklin Manor until then. After all, they still NEED ME!

inspiring minds

Inspiring Minds of Youngstown is hosting a Spaghetti Dinner at 2246 Glenwood Ave. on Friday, March 18 from 11:30 am to 6 pm Each meal costs $10, which will help area youth travel internationally. You can order dine-in or takeout by calling 243-254-8124. Lunch delivery is available to area businesses for orders of five or more.

Daylight Saving Time

If you feel doggedly tired, it could be due to the hour of sleep you missed last night. Remember, we fast forward an hour. Enjoy the extended hours of natural light. The summer heatwave is fast approaching!

pet welfare

The Reverend often shares health and wellness information for his readers, so I take the same liberty for my four-legged friends! Support the wonderful people at Buster’s Brigade, Youngstown State University Pre-Veterinary Society, and the Marjorie Hartman Family Foundation for sponsoring affordable pet clinics. Skilled veterinarians and volunteers organize these events for the well-being of your family companion. I’m sure the Reverend will share the dates of the upcoming clinics.

The Youngstown City Health District also provides the opportunity several times throughout the year to obtain affordable rabies vaccinations for canines, felines, and ferrets.

marital commitment

The Community Mobilization Coalition will host a virtual Candidates Forum on Monday, March 28 at 6:30 pm via Bethel Baptist Church New Facebook Page. The forum will feature candidates for office seeking your vote in the upcoming primary election.

Races to be featured include: US House of Representatives 6th District; the 58th and 59th districts of the Ohio House of Representatives, the 33rd district of the Ohio Senate; county common pleas court judge; Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh District; county commissioner and county auditor. The Rev. Kenneth Simon is the coalition’s president and host pastor.

Estate Planning 101

The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Epsilon Mu Omega Chapter are inviting the community to participate in a free virtual session on estate planning on Monday, March 28 at 7 pm Diane Gardner, Certified Financial Planner, and Lori Shells Simmons Esq. will present information invaluable in ensuring that your personal affairs are in order. Here is the link to join.

expand my territory

Sometimes we may not know how or even what to include in our prayers. Using Scripture to pray, such as the Jabez Prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:10, can help provide the direction needed to seek God’s favor and growth.

Donald Lawrence has posted this prayer call to an encouraging message in his song bless me.

Where it says (NAME) you can insert the name of another person, church or ministry or even your own name to make the appeal personal:

“O Lord, bless (NAME) and enlarge (his/her/their) territory! May Your hand be with (NAME), and may (he/she/they) keep them from evil, so that (he/she/they) do not cause pain! May (NAME) keep faith in Your holy name, Amen!

sir winston shares the love of writing with the Rev. Lewis W. Macklin II, who serves as senior pastor of Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, chaplain of the Youngstown Police Department, president of the Council of Baptist Pastors, and local coordinator of the Mahoning Valley African American Men’s Wellness Walk. Macklin resides in Youngstown with Dorothy, his partner in marriage and ministry. They share the love and joy of six children and eight grandchildren and of course the amazing canine, Sir Winston.

— All Scripture citations are New Living Translation unless otherwise noted.