Ocala Palms Chili Cook-Off is worth the wait | Lifestyle

After two years of not having a Chili Cook-Off, the go-ahead was passed and a date was set. At the time, my thoughts were that time was so far away, but isn’t it funny how time is sneaking up on us?

Here we are in the middle of April, and it wasn’t yesterday that we celebrated Christmas, and in a couple of days it will be Easter! I don’t know how everyone feels, but I wish time would slow down a bit: we need to stop and smell the roses! Even if there are no roses available to you right now… just close your eyes and remember the last time you enjoyed the fragrance of a flower.

Now, let’s turn our thoughts away from flowers and remember the smell of a delicious hot and spicy chili (or not)! Residents of the Ocala Palms (OP) Golf and Country Club community were thrilled to have our own 13 volunteer chefs make their special chiles. The chefs and the names of their special chilies were: Kim Blaylock – Nana’s Buck-n-Chili; Boone Rum: Boone Bourbon Chili; Rick Braun – Damn Good Chili; Kate Dorn – Fire Chief Chili; Marilyn Edwards – Skip-to-the-Loo-Chili; Pat Gladstone – Bulldog Chili; Joanne Gosselin – Southwest Chile 4 You; Jayne Hudson – Chili from Chubby Checker; Laurel Keesler – Laurel’s Loving and Lively Chili Scoop; Tom Pajavic – Miraculous Chili; Ken Pelletier – Ken’s Not-Too-Cold Chili; Diane Rushin – Here’s-the-Beef Chili; and Andy Showerman – 19th Hole Chili.

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