New Albany-Plain Local building an inclusive campus culture

Our purpose at New Albany-Plain Local Schools is to create a culture of responsibility that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for every student. Our work in building an inclusive campus culture (BICC) is at the core of this purpose.

On February 28, a presentation was provided to the school board, as well as the community, on the progress made as a district this school year in building a learning community environment in which all members feel a deep sense of community. belonging.

jon hood

Building on the work of our district’s Wellness Initiative, and specifically the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of the building committees last year, a framework has been developed to maintain the momentum of this work.

It was also important to hear additional voices from students, parents, and staff, through various focus groups, asking the questions: What does it mean to belong? What are the attributes, characteristics and behaviors that demonstrate a strong sense of belonging? And what are the practical steps we can take as a community to achieve this sense of belonging? All of this work and input was used to develop a BICC Guiding Framework.