MSU professor receives first award for research in education | MSUThoy

MSU professor receives first award for research in education | MSUThoy 81 william schmidt

Michigan State University professor William H. Schmidt received the 2022 Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award presented by the American Educational Research Association, or AERA. It is the premier award for outstanding achievement and success in educational research.

Schmidt is Distinguished Professor of the University and founder and director of the Center for Curriculum Policy Studies at MSU university of education. His current writing and research focuses on academic content issues in K-12 education, the effects of curriculum on academic achievement, assessment, and educational policy related to math, science, and testing in general. .

He is a member of the National Academy of Education; an AERA member; director of the AERA Institute for Statistical Analysis; and an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Thomas J. Alexander Fellow for quality and equity in education. He has published in numerous journals, including Education Researcher, Science, the Journal of Educational Statistics, and the Journal of Curriculum Studies. His most recent books include “Why Schools Matter”; “Inequality for All”; and “Education Around the World: What We’ve Learned from Sixty Years of International Math and Science Assessments.”

“It really is one of my greatest honors to receive this award that recognizes the research I have done throughout my career,” said Schmidt, who joined the faculty of the College of Education in 1969. “My job has allowed me to travel around the world and have life experiences I never dreamed of, all while helping to improve the education of children in the US and around the world. I am very grateful to AERA for this recognition. I would like to thank my colleagues, students, friends and especially my family, without whom this recognition would not be possible.”

“This national recognition of Dr. Schmidt’s fellowship attests to the high caliber and transformative impact of his cumulative contributions to research,” said MSU Chancellor Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph.D. “We are delighted that he has won this award, which recognizes him as an example in the field of educational research.”

“We are delighted that Bill has been selected to receive this prestigious award, which recognizes his many years of excellent research achievement,” said Ann E. Austin, Acting Dean of the College of Education. “His research on him, particularly focused on mathematics curriculum reform and standards, has had an immense impact on improving educational practice and policy around the world. The Michigan State College of Education has been his home for many years, and we are very proud of Bill and grateful for all of his contributions to addressing important educational issues, as well as his commitment to preparing the next generation of researchers”.

The American Educational Research Association is the largest national interdisciplinary research association dedicated to the scientific study of education and learning. Founded in 1916, AERA advances knowledge about education, encourages academic research related to education, and promotes the use of research to improve education and serve the public good.

“We are excited to honor exemplary individuals for their outstanding achievements in advancing educational research,” said Felice J. Levine, executive director of AERA, in a press release about the 2022 award winners in educational research. “His cutting-edge scholarship and tireless support of the field of educational research is making a difference in the lives of students, educators, and others.”

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