Mike Tyson tells Conor McGregor it’s hard to ‘get ready’ in today’s lifestyle

Tyson has told UFC star McGregor that it will be difficult to “stay sharp” with his current lifestyle as the Irishman’s plans to return to the UFC continue to ramp up after his return to training.

Mike Tyson tells Conor McGregor it's hard to 'get ready' in today's lifestyle 81 poster
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Conor McGregor Discusses UFC Return As He Leaves Court Case Shelved

Mike Tyson warned Conor McGregor that it’s hard to “stay sharp” while living his current lifestyle ahead of his return to the UFC.

The Irishman is known for living a life of luxury, having been named the highest-earning athlete in 2021 by Forbes after two losses to Dustin Poirier in the UFC. He is now stepping up comeback plans, as he looks to return to 170 pounds later this year after fully recovering from his broken leg.

Tyson has suggested that McGregor might have a hard time continuing his UFC career if he has a “$40 million” fight. “It’s hard to stay smart with that lifestyle,” Tyson said in his Hot Boxing Podcast during a conversation with Israel Adesanya. “Have you ever had a $40 million fight, then he talks to me later?

“When you have a $40 million fight and the next week you have that money, and they tell you that you have to fight in six weeks, it becomes harder to get out of bed. You end up saying ‘how much money is it? Give me $5 million more.'”

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