Lori Borgman: The One Thing You Can’t Live Without | Lifestyle

Never say things can’t get worse. At least not out loud.

The cosmos will prove you wrong. It can and often does.

When life really gets “worse,” you quickly discover the things you can live without. It’s like a giant loofah exfoliating your entire life.

There is the dream, for starters. Not sleeping is never pleasant, but it is doable for a while. Power naps are highly underrated.

Sit-down meals with real food and real plates are expendable. A bite here and a bite there will see you through a tiring day. Oh look! An old protein bar in the glove compartment!

You can even do without a change of clothes if necessary.

A friend used to spray her girls with fragrance when there was no time to bathe them, change their clothes or comb their hair. They may not have looked their best, but they smelled good.

Very tight schedules can also become expendable. It’s hard to function without order, but most messes can wait a bit. You can skip toys and shoes, ignore crusty dirty dishes, and reject clothes waiting for the washing machine.

We can get by without sleep, full meals, a new change of clothes, schedules, organization, and even coffee, but there is one thing we cannot live without.

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