Live an active lifestyle and earn rebates with Wellx

  • The brand has partnered with next-generation technology companies, STEPPI and WHOOP, to track and monitor users’ physical activity.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Tired of insurance providers charging premiums on basic protection plans? Wellx is here to alter the insurance landscape in the region like never before! We introduce a health insurance concept that encourages the participation of individuals, families, companies and SMEs in various wellness activities, such as visits to the gym, healthy eating, focus on mental wellness, use of wearable technology and much more.

Do you want to know how? The company uses state-of-the-art data analytics tools to hyper-personalize the wellness experience. Wellx is also a digital first brand, where users can complete their entire insurance trips online. From selecting your plan to filling out the forms, saving you all the hassle and time you spend on administration.

Wellx is a space where prevention is prioritized before cure and therefore they take responsibility for motivating people to stay well while maintaining the commitment to be available to users when and if they need medical attention, because Wellx worries.

The platform incentivizes its clients once they complete set health and lifestyle goals, which are successfully tracked through Wellx partners like STEPPI and WHOOP, among others.

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