Lessons can be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic; a healthy lifestyle is key – The Morning Sun

Dr. Justin Skrzynski believes that one of the most tragic things about the pandemic would be if people didn’t learn from it.

“Going back to our old habits and saying that was terrible, but we kept going. I think that would be the saddest thing because I think there are a lot of lessons that the pandemic has to teach us and how we treat ourselves and our bodies. And our mental health is paramount among them,” said Skrzynski, an internal medicine specialist at Royal Oak Beaumont.

In treating COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began, he noticed an alarming trend in terms of a constellation of comorbidities called metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes or prediabetes. .

“That was definitely the most sickest in-house patenting that we had,” Skrzynski said. He added that those patients were hit very hard.

“Because there is such a high prevalence of those things in the community. I think it’s a real wake-up call to move forward in terms of dealing with any additional variances or surges,” Skrzynksi said. “Hopefully we don’t see them, but if we had to or God forbid, there’s another virus or pandemic, it’s cause for concern that we have such a vulnerable population.”

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