Is nail biting dangerous to well being? That is what the consultants say

Many individuals generally tend to chew their nails, a situation often called onychophagia that, in accordance with the American Psychiatric Affiliation The APA’s DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Handbook of Psychological Problems) is “compulsive and repetitive in nature.”

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Based on the APA, a dysfunction is characterised as obsessive-compulsive when a person has “undesirable ideas, concepts, or sensations (obsessions) that drive them to do one thing repetitively (compulsions).”

What causes nail biting?

A number of elements can play a task; these vary from genetics to underlying psychiatric situations. “Nail biting is continuously related to anxiousness, as a result of the act of biting your nails relieves stress, rigidity or boredom. Individuals who habitually chew their nails usually report that they achieve this after they really feel nervous, bored, lonely and even hungry,” stated Aishwarya Vicare, a dietitian at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai.

Is it trigger for concern?

Nail biting can result in social and psychological issues reminiscent of humiliation, emotional struggling, and social decline, stated Dr. Vicare. “Bodily issues reminiscent of malformed nails, an infection of the nail and surrounding tender tissue; elevated threat of parasitic infections, abdomen infections on account of ingestion of nail and grime particles; ache within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw joint, gum accidents, paronychia, self-inflicted gingival accidents, and secondary bacterial infections are additionally related to nail biting,” he advised

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