Integrity partners with Honeycutt Insurance Marketing to expand life insurance distribution

Recognizing the opportunities many families have to become better financially prepared, Honeycutt Tray has dedicated his career to helping his clients feel confident and secure about the future. She established Honeycutt Insurance Marketing to serve middle-income consumers by providing final expense insurance, mortgage protection, and annuities. Honeycutt’s deep understanding of the value of the products and services it offers its customers has led to significant growth year after year.

“Integrity’s comprehensive structure of systems and resources is designed to help companies like Honeycutt Insurance Marketing succeed,” he explained. Bryan W Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity. “Integrity is an ever-expanding team where each member brings value and everyone understands the power of teamwork to achieve a common goal. We strive to innovate in insurance together and we need dedicated and dynamic leaders like Tray to help accelerate our efforts. Tray understands what it means to set a goal, work hard to achieve it, and bring others along to share in that success. As part of our team, you can now use all of Integrity’s offerings to support your business growth, and we’re thrilled that now be a part of our Integrity family.”

“At Honeycutt Insurance Marketing, we have always understood that the speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack,” said Honeycutt Tray, president of insurance marketing for Honeycutt. “Integrity is a clear leader in insurtech innovation, and we didn’t want our company to be left behind. Partnering with Integrity provides Honeycutt Insurance Marketing with financial strength, unmatched technology and a strong infrastructure that will help ensure our business can weather storms and withstand . the test of time In addition, I am delighted to gain insights from many of the top industry leaders through the Integrity partner network I am very excited about our future with Integrity Marketing – I see no limit to where we can go and grow. together.”

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