How to Sell Budget Spreadsheets on Etsy for Passive Income – Creator

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  • Sarah Wilson is a personal finance YouTube creator with 95,000 subscribers.
  • He made over $10,000 on Etsy in 2021 selling budget trackers.
  • Wilson shared how selling on Etsy works and how the marketplace is a source of passive income.

Personal finance influencer Sarah Wilson has amassed 95,000 subscribers on YouTube and offers tips on investing and budgeting, so it’s no surprise she’s smart about passive income.

Case in point: She made $10,000 last year selling versions of her personal budget and net worth spreadsheets on Etsy.

When Wilson started his channel seven years ago, he was working to pay off $33,000 in student loan debt, and each month, he would post a budget update, showing exactly how much money he was earning and spending.

In 2021, Wilson decided to take her budget advice a step further and sell the exact same budget tracker she originally made for her on Etsy’s online marketplace.

From January to December 2021, Wilson sold more than 1,000 budget and net worth tracking sheets, and his account generated more than $10,200, according to documentation he shared with Insider. In addition to people finding his quote templates organically through search, he drives traffic to his Etsy shop from his YouTube channel, where he links to his shop under the quote videos.


Screenshot from BudgetGirlGoods/Etsy

How to Sell a Google Drive Link on Etsy for Passive Income

Wilson’s two best-selling products on Etsy are the Budget Spreadsheet, which he sells for $7.99, and a Net Worth Tracker Spreadsheet, which he sells for $8.99. He also sells printable debt payoff and savings charts that range from $2.99 ​​to $8.99, depending on the type of tracker.

Wilson started by selling a link to a Google Sheets budget template and later released a downloadable version. After a customer purchases the item on Etsy, an email is sent to them with the templates and instructions on how to access the link. The budget sheet, which Wilson has been using to budget for eight years, is a one-time purchase, meaning it can be customized, duplicated, and used month after month.

After uploading the various documents to Etsy, Wilson can forget about it, allowing him to make money with little to no additional work or maintenance.

That allows Wilson to focus on her other sources of income, working in communications at a university and as a personal finance creator. As an influencer, Wilson makes money from affiliate marketing and sponsorships, as well as ads for her on her YouTube videos. She still treats YouTube like a side business, even though she makes more money from it than from her day job, she said.

“I never sell my budget to my audience and I try to encourage people to use whatever budgeting method works for them and their brain,” Wilson said. “The most important thing is to know what money you have and where it’s going, because that’s the only way to reach your money goals and set yourself up for your financial future.”

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