Homeowners insurance reform bill dies as Florida legislative session draws to a close

With only two days left in Florida’s 2022 legislative session, a comprehensive homeowners insurance reform bill appears to be dead. But lawmakers were said to be looking for ways to include some of the main provisions in other bills as the clock ticks down.

Senate Bill 1728 would have made many changes that insurers have requested, including steps to stop roofing claim losses, roofer solicitations, and excessive litigation. More importantly, it would have allowed more policies to cover only the actual cash value, or depreciated value, of roofs, and it would have allowed policies to carry a 2% deductible just for the roof.

The bill, by state Sen. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton, passed the Senate last week but stalled in a House committee, effectively dooming it for this year, according to lobbyists and news reports. .

As of Wednesday, members of the House and Senate were said to be considering adding more provisions of SB 1728 to what has been called the “general insurance bill.” SB 468, sponsored by Sen. Keith Perry, R-Gainesville. That piece of legislation, which already covered a wide range of minor insurance and workers’ compensation changes, passed the Senate in February. It was amended on the House floor Tuesday, then passed the full House Wednesday night with a vote of 94-23.

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