Hilton’s portfolio of lifestyle categories is expected to more than double over the next decade

McLean, Virginia. – The future is bright for HiltonLifestyle brands from the world’s leading hospitality company announce 10 new Hilton Canopy, Hilton Time Y Hilton motto signings in the United States, Latin America and Europe. The new signings fuel an already impressive pipeline of development and continue an era of tremendous growth for forward-thinking, design-centric hotels that have redefined the traditional hotel stay by bringing a more distinctive and compelling guest experience to a variety of hotels. of price points. With key firms in Nashville, Sioux Falls, Sao Paulo and Cannes, the pipeline for Hilton’s trio of lifestyle brands is expected to more than double over the next 10 years with expansion into at least 15 new countries and territories. .

The latest signings of Canopy by Hilton, Tempo by Hilton and Motto by Hilton represent nearly 20% of the category’s total portfolio of 55 hotels, 55% of which are US properties. Internationally, growth is strongest in Europe, with 1,000 hotel rooms anticipated, followed by the Caribbean and Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions.

“The continued growth of Hilton’s lifestyle category is a testament to the strength of these brands and how they continue to resonate with guests and owners alike.” saying Matthew Schuyler Brand Director, Hilton. “We are excited to expand our lifestyle footprint in dynamic cities around the world and welcome a new generation of travelers who appreciate an elevated, local-minded experience that feels thoughtful and uplifting in service and design” .

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