Here’s how to shop smarter and save money at the grocery store

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The inflation squeeze may be taking a toll on your wallet. The total cost to buy groceries is up 6.5 percent from a year earlier.

You may get the sales ads in the mail every week, but how often do you check to see where you can get the best deals? Turns out shoppers are saving more and it’s paying off.

These days, Garry Hiebert of Royal Palm Beach doesn’t mind spending a little more time to save a lot of money.

“You have to shop smart. You have to look around you,” Hiebert said.

Garry Hiebert, Royal Palm Beach Buyer WPTV

Garry Hiebert describes how he visits multiple stores to save on his grocery bill.

He begins his shopping spree with a list his wife creates, strategically planning which stores have the best deals.

“Look at the ads,” Hiebert said. “She will look online to see what’s going on.”

Your first stop is the BJ Wholesale Club.

“We saved $3 on that Charmin. We saved $2 on those batteries,” Hiebert said as he flipped through his receipt.

His next stop is Aldi, where Garry paid $3.45 for organic orange juice. Compared to other stores, I would pay $3 more at Publix and at least 50 cents more at Walmart.

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