He came to eastern Idaho in search of a new lifestyle and now owns a thriving excavation company.

IDAHO FALLS – Joshua Dybka was atop a San Diego skyscraper when he knew his life needed to change.

It was April 2018, and the 40-year-old crane operator was making $250,000 a year. It was his 75th hour of work that week, and his wife texted him a video of her daughter’s ballet recital.

“My heart broke at that moment,” Dybka tells EastIdahoNews.com. “I knew I would be doing the same thing 10 years from now (having missed every little league game and every ballet recital) and something inside me snapped.”

So, he walked away from the lucrative union job and, with the full support of his wife, collected his pension and began looking for a new way of life in a place with traditional family values.

That June, he and his family packed up an RV and set off on a road trip that took him to Idaho. When he arrived in Idaho Falls, there was something that struck him.

“I turned to my wife and said, ‘Something is going on here.’ I felt something (that made me want to stay),” says Dybka.

His journey ended up taking him through northern Idaho to Coeur d’Alene, and when he returned home, he remembered what he felt during his stay in Idaho Falls.

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