Guide to starting your own health and fitness journey

Embarking on a health and wellness journey can seem daunting. Despite understanding the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, the first step can sometimes be the hardest to take on many journeys.

starting your health and fitness trip You don’t have to be confused, frustrated, and despondent. There is no shortage of information on the Internet about what to do or when and how to do it. Having all this information can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how you can get started. Follow the steps listed below to help you get started on the right foot.

start slow

Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to be able to run 5K at a 6-minute pace with no breaks on your first day. Remember it’s called a ‘journey’, so start slow. Take the time to learn how to do things correctly to create a solid foundation to build on in later stages. Allow yourself to improve before you start reaching more challenging limits.

Starting your fitness journey slowly is crucial, as it helps avoid feelings of despair and frustration when you try something before you’re able to execute it.

make it nice

Health and fitness need not be limited to sweaty hours spent in the gym, panting as you perform the same routine over and over again. Fitness can come through any number of activities that you find preferable. So why not make your fitness journey more enjoyable by participating in activities that you find fun? There are many options available to choose from, such as:

  • Swimming.
  • Trekking.
  • Watersports.
  • In a hurry.
  • Boxing.

The list goes on and on. All you have to do is find your best fit.

set your goals

Having something to work towards is more likely to be a motivator for consistency and perseverance than an arbitrary adoption of more activity. Set goals before you start so you can stay focused. Like most other businesses, setting short-, medium-, and long-term goals provides a yardstick by which you can measure your progress.

expect setbacks

Starting your journey does not mean that everything else will fade away and wait for you to achieve your goals. Life must go on and sometimes it can get in the way. You may find times when your schedule doesn’t allow you time to exercise. There may also be instances where you feel like you have reached a plateau and are not making any further progress. Remember that these and other setbacks are only temporary. Working through and around them will have rewarding results.

bring your friends

Having friends join you on your health and fitness journey can make the prospect of workouts and exercise less dull. Your friends can also be your support and accountability system. You’ll be more likely to make an effort to exercise if you know you’re accountable to someone. Any mishaps you encounter will also have less of an impact, as you can turn to your friends for comfort and encouragement.

Lastly, don’t forget the food. Nutrition is just as important as activity and will be just as important in helping you get the results you want.