Grimacing Ways to Learn Personal Finance | personal finance

Liz Weston, CFP®

The online landscape is full of horrible personal finance advice: teenagers promoting day trading strategies, “influencers” whipping up questionable investment schemes, and people with dubious credentials insisting you shouldn’t invest in a 401(k).

The outrageous statements and flashy graphics draw attention, but there’s also a lot of solid, fact-correct money content, and some of it is even entertaining. So if you want to learn more about manage your finances while having at least a little fun, here are some ways to do it.

Audio worth listening to

With podcasts, you have a ton of options (sorry I couldn’t resist). One to try is “Stacking Benjamins,” which a Fast Company article accurately describes as surprisingly “a great balance of fun and functionality.” Former financial advisor Joe Saul-Sehy and certified financial planner Josh Bannerman combine news, jokes and education with the help of regular contributors Paula Pant and Len Penzo, plus a wide variety of guests. (Full disclosure: I’ve been a guest on “Stacking Benjamins,” among other podcasts, and co-host “NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast.”)

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Also, check out two public radio podcasts: “Planet Money,” which explains how the economy works, and “This Is Uncomfortable,” which describes itself as a podcast about life and how money interferes with it. Public radio isn’t known for being a laugh a minute, but the high production values ​​and good storytelling will keep you interested.

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