Global Beer Brand Corona Appoints Renowned Design, Cuisine and Lifestyle Experts to Develop Corona Island

crown island embodies the brand purpose of reconnecting with nature and we are thrilled to partner with our new global ambassadors to bring it to life,” said Philip Ambra, Global Vice President of Corona. “With his background, our island programming will be an incredibly immersive experience that will have deep connections to nature and celebrate the island’s beautiful habitat and organic environment.”

In addition to the new ambassadors, Corona continues to strive towards its goal of becoming “Blue Verified” as part of the international NGO’s rigorous Blue Standard program with the help of its global partner, Global Oceanic. Evaluation is currently underway with crown island set to become the first all-blue verified island for its launch later this year.

International architecture and design firm, James & Mau, will lead crown island overall design concept. The firm has a strong portfolio of bioclimatic and sustainable concepts and that knowledge is being applied to building structures and guest bungalows on the island. Local Colombian architect, Jairo Márquez, is adapting the James & Mau concept to the reality of island conditions, anchored in locally sourced and sustainable materials.

“In keeping with the fact that Corona is made with 100% natural ingredients, the structures on the island are carefully designed to complement and blend with their natural surroundings, be it the sea, the beach, the flora and fauna,” he said. Mauricio Galeano Escobarchief architect of crown island. “Our approach honors our collective and deep relationship with nature, inviting guests to stop, breathe and listen to the beautiful world around them and celebrate the natural environment.”

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