Family loses incredible 12 after lifestyle change

A Scunthorpe family has lost an incredible amount of weight and say they have “accomplished great things” after deciding to attend Slimming World together.

Amanda Whitton, 66, along with her husband Ian Whitton, 74, and Amanda’s sister, Julia Williams, have dropped around a combined 12th place since joining their local group Slimming World.

Amanda decided to join in 2019 after Julia had been attending since 2016 and Ian since around 2018, and has already lost an astonishing 5lbs in just over two years.

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Julia has lost 4th and Ian has lost 2nd 7 pounds.

Amanda told Scunthorpe Live: “My sister Julia and my husband Ian joined Slimming World before me, and my sister lost quite a bit of weight, and so did my husband. They were big supporters of the Slimming World way of eating.” It’s a healthy eating plan, which means you can eat a lot, which is one of the things that appealed to me, you can enjoy a wide variety of foods and still manage to lose weight sensibly.

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