Essential Education brings innovative data integration

CORVALLIS, Ore., April 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Essential Education, a leader in adult education, has collaborated with Data Recognition Corporation (DRC), the creators of TABE® test, to integrate TABE test data into the Essential Education Learning Management System (LMS). This collaboration is intended to empower instructional decisions and help students make measurable skill gains by providing teachers with a comprehensive view of student test data alongside student performance. Essential Education is the first to do this type of integration with DRC.

After a student completes the TABE test, teachers receive a breakdown of the student’s performance from the TABE Individual Profile Report (IPR) across all domains to assess demonstrated skills and areas to focus on next. Now, through Essential Education’s TABE 11/12 Academy, teachers will have the opportunity to assign specific lessons to students based on their TABE IPR directly in the LMS from a convenient online platform.

“When a teacher receives a student’s TABE report, it’s not always clear how they can use it effectively in their lesson planning. This integration is the solution,” said Dan Griffith, president of Essential Education’s Division of Educators. “The LMS breaks it down into specific standards so the teacher can see how they’re doing and what areas they need to focus on. This is really a breakthrough in adult education and we’re excited to be at the forefront.”

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