Emmy Winner at Columbus’ Hilltop on Healthy Living

Hilltop resident Melinda DelFratte received an Emmy Award for her part in a documentary about a bike ride that raises money for cancer research.  Her sister died of cancer in 2011.

Melinda DelFratte is your typical 62-year-old Hilltop woman who likes to swim, bike, and run.

Except his devotion to the sport. and his sister got him an Emmy.

The plucky, short-haired Columbus resident has the award resting nonchalantly on her piano, but even she is smitten by the piece of hardware she received in October at the 64th annual New York Emmy Awards.

“It’s surreal,” DelFratte said. “To think that I am actually an Emmy winner is just amazing. It’s still even hard to wrap my brain.”

She was one of two subjects involved in a documentary called “500+ The trip of a lifetime” which was released in 2019. The film, available on YouTube, features DelFratte participating in the Empire State Race, a 540-mile bike ride from New York City to Niagara Falls, New York, which raises money for cancer research, and describes the life of his sister’s two-stage battle against the disease.

The nearly 12-minute film won an Emmy for full length human interest documentary (more than 10 minutes).

Now she intends to use experience as inspiration to take things a step further and become an advocate for people to live more active lives.

“If I could change a person’s mind to live a healthier lifestyle, then it would all be worth it,” he said.

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