Educational reports: Autism clinical services will soon be available in Rowan County – Salisbury Post

SALISBURY – Kelsie Hoilien, dDirector of Applied Behavior Analytics Services at Partners in Learning, is currently negotiating and securing contracts with North Carolina Medicaid and several private insurance companies, with plans to begin accepting clients in Rowan County within the next few months.

“ABA is the gold standard for treating autism spectrum disorders, and unfortunately it can be extremely difficult for parents to find service providers in the area due to a lack of behavior analysts in the state, long waiting lists for evaluation and diagnosis and often even longer waiting lists to start services once a provider is found. Once we are in our new facility, we will be able to serve many clients and provide families in the community with a place where they can receive diagnostic evaluation and treatment in the same location,” said Hoilien.

Families utilizing clinical services through Partners In Learning will have access to assessment, ABA therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, play therapy, and occupational therapy. The center will be Rowan County’s first comprehensive autism clinic with plans to train its teaching staff in the fundamentals of ABA to provide additional support for children with autism in their classrooms.

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