Dengue: Know the symptoms, causes and prevention

While summer brings with it the joy of the holiday season, seasonal diseases, like dengue fever, also quickly spread their wings. A viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, dengue fever infects people in the summer and rainy season due to the increasing threat of mosquitoes in these months. According to the latest report from the Maharashtra health department, at least 348 dengue cases have been reported in the state in the past three months. In Delhi, on the other hand, the annual count is 69 with eight new cases in the last week.

Dengue, also known as breakbone fever, is a serious flu-like illness that affects all age groups,” said Dr. Col Vijay Dutta, senior consultant for internal medicine at the Indian Spine Injury Center. While fever runs its own course in most people, it can cause serious complications such as hemorrhagic fever, bleeding from the nose and gums, enlarged liver, and even failure of the circulatory system, explained Dr. Dutta.


Aside from symptoms commonly known as high fevercold and cough, here are some other symptoms that accompany viral infection.

*Muscle and joint pain
* Rashes on the body
*Severe headache
* Discomfort behind the eyes
* Vomiting and nausea

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