Dehydration (Youngster) | Well being & Health

Youngsters have many alternatives to develop into dehydrated, from enjoying exterior on a scorching day to contracting one of many many childhood illnesses. Listed here are some frequent culprits:

  • Fever and overheating. These are a number of the commonest causes of dehydration. When your little one has a fever, he sweats and water evaporates from his pores and skin as his physique tries to chill down. It is wonderful how a lot fluid kids lose once they have a fever: For each diploma their temperature rises above 100.4 F, your little one loses 12.5 p.c of their physique fluid.
The air we breathe is moistened within the airways, giving the liquid one other strategy to escape. When kids have a fever or lung infections, they breathe rapidly and expel extra fluid. Like a fever, exercising on a sizzling day or simply sitting in a stuffy, stuffy room can result in sweating and fluid loss.

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