CT dog owners could face new rules when pets are outside

CT dog owners could face new rules when pets are outside 81 logo

Dog owners in Connecticut would face a new requirement to protect their pets during extreme weather conditions and additional rules to leash them under a bill advanced Friday by the Legislative Planning and Development Committee.

The proposal was motivated by concerns about the living conditions of a dog in Fairfield, which led to a police investigation. Police said the investigation did not reveal any violations of animal control laws.

Supporters of the bill said it would empower animal control officers to act on cases of abuse and neglect. Officials responding to the Fairfield house said the existing law “wasn’t as clear as it needed to be for them to take action,” said Rep. Jennifer Leeper, D-Fairfield, the bill’s main proponent along with Rep. Laura Devlin, R-Fairfield.

The bill defines an adequate shelter as providing space for a dog to sit, lie down, and turn around, is solidly constructed, and, during cold weather conditions, is enclosed and insulated “to the extent sufficient to enable a dog to maintain normal body temperature,” among others. requirements

If the National Weather Service issues a weather watch or warning, including for extreme heat or snow, that poses a risk to the health or safety of a dog, based on its “breed, size, age, coat thickness, or physical condition,” owners would be prohibited from tethering the animal outdoors for more than 15 minutes and would be required to provide adequate shelter for the dog if it is outdoors for more than 15 minutes.

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